“I hear you can help me run my concierge medical practice better,” Jonathan, a doctor and prospective client said.

“First, I need to know what results you want and what results you’re not getting,” I said.

Jonathan went on to describe how his concierge medicine practice was running him down. He just couldn’t shake a cold.

“Seems strange for a doctor to be sick while he works with patients,” Jonathan said ruefully. “So, what do I need to do?”

“You need effective systems,” I said.

With Effective Systems implemented across your practice, the systems can practically run your business. This frees up your time so that you can do the things that you really want to do.

Every doctor study the systems of the body. You know what to do to help a patient with difficulties with her respiratory system, for example. You monitor all of the systems that contribute to the patient’s optimal health.

Similarly, we monitor the systems of your business. If one of the systems (sales/marketing – operations – financials) begins to fail, we can respond to that and improve its performance. Only one system that is not performing in your business could turn your successful practice into a failure. To prevent such a calamity, you need to monitor and improve the critical systems of your concierge medicine business.

The Power of Measurement to Enhance Your Business

We’ve all heard that measurement is critical for business success. In over two decades of working with businesses to help them perform better, I have devised how to set up scorecards. One of the best productivity enhancers is what I call the 30-Second Scorecard. You can keep track of the most important indicators (and review things in just 30-seconds), so that you know how your business is actually performing. With your 30-Second Scorecard, you will immediately know where your business is, where your business is going, and how it measures up to your goals.

Your 30-Second Scorecard monitors three areas in particular: sales/marketing, operations and financials.

Doctors and business owners I’ve worked with tell me that the 30-Second Scorecard has made the crucial difference in their success. The bonus is that a doctor feels less stress because we have eliminated the “unknowns” of his or her business. I often say, “I help a doctor like you so you can practice medicine instead of being run ragged by the business.”

When a business owner comes to me stressed out, I ultimately say, “You’re stressed out because your systems suck.” Often the business owner gives me a rueful smile and says, “… you’re right. What can I do?”

That’s when we start to build the Effective Systems and begin reducing stress.

– Tim Cox, The Business Systems Strategist


Use Effective Systems to Make Your Business Successful