“No, I’m not really that concerned,” my new client Anthony said.

In my mind, I thought, “Be afraid. Very afraid.” It was just this bravado that had made his business teeter on the edge of real failure.

With my clients, I have noticed that what really takes away stress and concern, is eliminating the Unknown.

By “unknown,” I mean any element that causes you worry. These elements tend to fall into the categories of sales/marketing, operations and financials.

Effective Systems and measurements give you the “Known” to eliminate the stress, fear and other concerns. I have a phrase: What you know about, you can do something about.

Knowing you have Effective Systems in place alleviates the stress of not knowing what’s going on.

The unknown is a monster that’s huge in the dark. When you use what I call the 30-Second Scorecard to shine light into the corner, that monster is smaller, and you can deal with him.

The 30-Second Scorecard gives you the vital data so you can make the best decisions. It’s called the 30 Second Scorecard because you can see how your business is doing in just 30 Seconds and you realize what your next steps should be.

With my guidance, my clients train their staff to provide the data that goes into the 30-Second Scorecard. The staff learn efficient ways to monitor the vital elements of your business.

Another phrase I use is: What is measured is managed.

Ultimately, you can use the results from the 30-Second Scorecard to elevate your business, reduce your stress, and improve your customers’ experience.

– Tim Cox, the Business Systems Strategist

Eliminate the “Unknowns” that Block Your Business Success