Experiencing over work and over stress is often the most debilitating thing to your business and life. There are many reasons that business owners are over worked and over stressed. So, let’s just go straight to the source of each of these debilitating experiences.


The number one reason business owners are over worked is their lack of proper business systems. High Performance Business Systems is the key to freedom. Click here to learn what a business system is. A High Performance Business System has 3 major components:

  • Right People in the Right Place
  • Highly Effective and Efficient
  • A Scorecard attached to the System

And then, to convert all your High Performance Systems into a Total High Performance Business, strategically connect all your business systems and scorecards! This creates a well-oiled Business Machine that in turn gives you freedom and eliminates the over work in your life.


Now on to Over Stressed. Although over worked is a major contributor to stress, the most common cause of over stress among business owners is “Unknown”. Not knowing exactly what is going on in your business. Not knowing what your sales will be next week, next month, or next quarter. Not knowing your key financial scores. Not knowing if your business decisions are really paying off. I developed a tool to overcome the “Unknowns” in your business. I call this tool the 30-Second Scorecard™. With this tool, within 30 seconds, you know where any aspect of your business is at and what actions are needed going forward.

Do You Have a Dark Corner?

All of the “Unknowns” in your business is like a big hairy scary monster sitting in the dark corner of a room. You can’t see it, but you know something is there!


The 30-Second Scorecard™ is like having a big bright light to shine in the dark corner to see that it is only a rubber ducky that squeaks occasionally, or maybe, nothing really exists at all in the dark corner.


What will you choose, to “know” or “not know”?  Eliminate your over work and over stress. Click the link below to contact us and learn how you can implement High Performance Business Systems and Scorecards in your business.