Have you reached that point in your business? That ceiling of growth that you just can’t seem to push through? You have become frustrated and at your wits end on what to do? I refer to this condition as a “maturity hurdle”. Now don’t freak out! Just because I use the term “mature” doesn’t mean that your business will never grow. You are just in a stage of maturity based on some component of your business.

Think of a butterfly for a moment. Before becoming a butterfly, it goes through 4 stages, egg, caterpillar, pupa, butterfly. At each stage it reaches a maturity level before moving to the next stage. But wait, it’s not quite that easy on the little fellow though. Something has to happen between maturity and reaching the next level. Do you know what it is? That’s right! Change!

This is great news for you! You are only at a maturity level at your current stage! You just need to make the change… wait a minute… what change? Therein lies the problem, identifying the needed change. So, the journey begins…

Before I go further, let me break down the term “maturity hurdle” that I mentioned earlier. The definition of mature is: “having reached the most advanced stage in a process”. The definition of hurdle is: “an obstacle”. So here is my personal definition of “maturity hurdle”: “an obstacle created by the advanced maturity of one or more components of your business”.

The Challenge: finding the component(s) creating the obstacle!

When you mention growing your business, most of the guru’s push growing your sales by introducing the latest social media marketing or their latest and greatest sales technique. But most likely you have already tried many methods for increasing your sales because, let’s face it, that is how you grow your business. That is the obvious thing. What is not obvious is the root cause of your maturity hurdle.

This is why I take a holistic approach to this condition and look for true root causes. For you to get the true breakthrough that you are looking for, we must identify the components in your business that have reached its maturity and causing the obstacle. The component could be a number of things including staff, business systems, the business owner, and a number of other things. I have developed a tool that I use with my clients called the Clarity Matrix™. The Clarity Matrix™ identifies these obstacles quickly and efficiently so that you can transform your business much faster and be prepared for the next hurdle.

Now you have to decide, are you staying a caterpillar or are you going to make that transformation to the next level?

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