I get this question quite often. Or sometimes this question “What software is it?”. Most people associate a system with a computer system. And it is true that a computer, or software system, may be a part of your business systems, but that is not exclusively what I am referring to in my strategies.

Let’s start by looking at a dictionary definition of “system”. “A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network”. So, systems can really apply to many things: your body, a vehicle, economy, etc. Relating this to your business, let’s start with the basic business systems that all businesses have at least a version of: Sales, Operations, Financials. Sales because you have to get customers. Operations because you have to deliver your product or service. Financials because Uncle Sam requires us to file tax returns. If you don’t have some form of each of these, you won’t be in business long. And sadly, these basic (just get by) systems is where many small businesses stop, and the reason for the high failure rate among small businesses.

When explaining a business system, I often use a vehicle as a metaphor. Your business requires systems just like a vehicle requires systems in order for it to perform its requirements. A vehicle has many systems: fuel system, electrical system, suspension system, cooling system, and many others. And all these systems must work and work well together for peak performance, just like in your business. If just one of the systems is not working properly it could eventually bring the whole vehicle or business down.

Is there a performance difference in a 1984 Nissan and a 2020 Ferrari? You bet there is! Why is that? The specific components in each system, the fine tuning within each system, and the fine tuning on how well they work together. That’s what creates peak performance in a Ferrari and your business!

I focus on the supporting systems in those basic business systems that we discussed earlier. This is where the real performance of your business is improved. And it is much easier and less complicated than those Ferrari systems when using the techniques and tools that I have developed.

So, what now?  Well, is your business at the level you want it to be?  If not then…

       ..Why not Design a Performance Level of     —      “WOW!!”


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